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Impact Gel

Wither Relief Saddle Pad

Wither Relief Saddle Pad

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This saddle pad is ideal for a horse with high withers and is adjustable so it can fit a horse over a lifetime.  The Impact Gel is shaped and placed strategically to reduce pressure points caused by the bars of the saddle.  We updated our tried and true Classic Contour shaped pad by adding an adjustable hook and loop strap in front of the gullet hole.  This update allows up the pad to open up to four additional inches. The saddle pad fit frees the shoulders and offers a broader range of motion for better comfort and agility.  The unique wool blend allows air between the pad and horse, improving circulation.  Heavy duty wear leathers ensure years of durability. These features provide flexible energy absorbing fit, resulting in high performance, non-slip, non-rollover protection for you and your horse. 

  • Measures 3/4" thick
  • Cut away at the billet to allow perfect fit for rigging
  • Crafted with a contour cut along the spine for maximum fit
  • Frees shoulder movement and prevents soreness
  • Cutout and adjustable strap at the withers to provide free range of motion
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