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Impact Gel

28" ZERO SLIP Barrel Pad

28" ZERO SLIP Barrel Pad

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Introducing the Zero Slip 28” Barrel Pad. This 28” Non-Skid, close contact pad is ideal for the serious barrel racer.

The Zero Slip pad is built for tough work and built to last, outfitted with our patented XT Impact Gel technology. The Zero Slip Barrel Pad was developed by the pros with critical attention to every detail. 

It is impeccably designed with close contact features including a contour cut at the spine and extended cutaway at the gussets.

The patented Impact Gel XT bladder is shaped and placed strategically to fit the placement of the saddle, relieving pressure points, providing free range of motion, and providing extra breathability. 

And finally, this patented Non-Skid top won’t slip or roll. The Zero Slip pad allows you to run a looser cinch so the horse can breathe, and be at their peak performance. This Saddle Pad is a beautiful blend of our best-selling Classic Barrel Pad and Legend Elite Saddle Pad.



-Non-Skid Top made to ensure your pad stays put

-Felt lined bottom for increased moisture wicking

-Cutout at the withers to provide free range of motion

-Extended cut away at the skirt for closer contact and saddle fit

-Crafted with a contour cut along the spine for maximum fit

- Heavy duty wear leathers ensure years of durability

- XT Lite Gel bladder perforations provide extra air flow and breathability

- 3/4" or 1” thickness 

- 28” Length preferred by pros


PRO NOTES: This pad won’t slip or roll. It also allows you to run a looser cinch so the horse can breathe, and be at their peak performance. The Zero Slip pad prevents movement in a critical situation, it locks down protecting you and your horse.


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