Denim Trade In Form

Trade In Information🌵

You will need to send in the jeans, and they need to come with this form. ↪️ Click here 

 Do you have used denim you need to get rid of? We are here to help! We accept 7 for all man kind dojos, Kimes Ranch, Vintage Rockies, Lawman’s, Ariat, CCCompany.

 How it works: You send in your used jeans, and once we receive them and inspect them we will send you an offer within 10 days and if you accept the offer we will then send you store credit. You can then use the store credit to purchase whatever you would like from TRCWesternWear.Com 

What condition do the jeans have to be in for trade: No holes. No rips. No missing rivets. No missing zippers. No missing buttons. Hemmed dojos are fine, but it does need to be stated. Fraying at the bottom is fine, but trade in value will reflect.

‼️Your Offer Will be Fair! We do not Low ball on offers.‼️ 

You will need to send in the jeans, and they need to come with this form.  

You may send in multiple pairs of jeans at a time.

 The address to send jeans to is:

 The Rolling Cactus 

Attn: Trade In Application 

PO Box 1565

Gonzales LA 70707

 If you send us jeans and we inspect them and you don’t like the offer, we will ship the jeans back at your expense.  You have 15 days after a declined offer to pay (8$) shipping to send jeans back or your item becomes our property. 

base trade in prices - condition will reflect the price kimes ranch 65-75$ - ariat 15-25$ Rockies & other vintage jeans 40-60$ 7famk dojos 65-75$ offer may be higher or lower depending on style, condition, ect 


 You do not have to wait for your jeans to sale before your store credit will be issued. It will be issued as soon as the jeans are inspected and offer is agreed upon.